The High Low Challenge

Take on the High Low Challenge and raise money for the Kyaninga Child Development Centre – show the kids of the KCDC what you can achieve with the grit and determination they show every day!

Make the triathlon the culmination of a brutal two week challenge, where you’ll conquer the very highest and the very lowest points in Uganda – from scaling Mt. Margherita (5109m) to Lake Albert (615m) – on foot, by bike, and through water.

Your Itinerary

14th May – 20th May 2024

Days 1-9: Climb the highest peak in Uganda (Mt. Margherita – 5,109m)
Day 10: Experience what the KCDC is all about with a rest day spent at the centre
Day 11: Cycle to the lowest point in the country (Lake Albert – 615m)
Day 12: Cycle back up again to Kyaninga Lodge (1,538m)
Day 13: Participate in the KCDC triathlon at the Kyaninga crater (1,538m)

Get Involved

Ready to take on the challenge of your life and a unique experience, all for a fantastic cause? Contact us today for more information, prices and booking.