100% Not for Profit

All proceeds from the Kyaninga Triathlon go to the Kyaninga Child Development Centre – the KCDC.

The KCDC supports children living with disabilities and their families across western Uganda. The organisation provides specialist care not otherwise available in this part of Uganda and drastically improves the lives of many families. All proceeds from this event goes to the KCDC.

Make a Difference

If you’d like to help the KCDC even more you can create a Just Giving page and fundraise. As a thank you for your support we’ll give you a 5% discount on your adventure package when you raise $500 and a 10% discount when you raise $1000. To find out more and set up your Just Giving page please get in touch.

Meet the KCDC

On race day (once you’ve recovered!) some the kids from the KCDC and their families will be at the race HQ. Get ready to meet and play games with some inspirational people!